We’re moving to London!

we're moving to London!

Yes! Years of hard work (Dan) and dreaming/scheming (me) have finally paid off! We are moving to London at the end of the school year!

I’m so proud of Dan and his new job - it seems like a perfect fit for him. He gets all weird and embarrassed when I brag about him, so I’ll just say this: his new job is very cool. Challenging and stressful, no doubt - but cool. I’m very proud of him. :) He will move to London in May - the girls and I will join him towards the end of June.

The last few weeks have been a whirlwind. Believe it our not, we’ve already sold our house. (The market here is cray cray!) Next week we're headed to London on a scouting trip. We’re going to visit our top choice schools and a few key neighborhoods. We've been to London before, but it will be so fun to visit with the intention to move! Details to follow...

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And thankfully, dogs don’t need to be quarantined anymore!