Une pnue cruvee

flat tire

Instead of having lunch with friends, I learned how to say flat tire in French.

I came out of Carrefour this morning to find a VERY flat tire. And no spare. We leased this car from AutoEurope, and I have to say their service was great. I called the roadside assistance number they provided to us and help arrived within 30 minutes. Peugeot will pay for towing services, any damage and all repairs to the car, no questions asked. There are only two exceptions: 1) they will not pay for damage caused by using the wrong type of fuel, and 2) … you guessed it – flat tires. of course. I knew this when I signed the lease, but it’s still so frustrating!

Honestly, this is SUCH an annoying way to spend money. But, thank God, we weren’t involved in any sort of accident. I’m afraid I might have been driving on a low tire for a few days. If this is the worst thing that happens to us while we are here, I will be thankful.