Travel Photography

Travel Photography

One of the many gorgeous photos on

I’m obsessed with the photographs on Mimi Thorisson’s website. How does she do it? The woman has six children and a dozen dogs. And just look at the tranquility and beauty in these photos. Her husband is a professional photographer (duh) and his talent is humbling. He also has châteaux in rural France, a drop-dead gorgeous wife and endless supply of stylish children and french villagers.

But still. Wow.

My life is not that photogenic. But I do occasionally go to interesting places and I want need to improve my photography skills. Last week, I took a field trip to Chinatown and came home without a single useable photo! It was so frustrating. In my own defense, it was pouring down rain. But as my husband would say, “sounds like a development opportunity.” (That’s Amazon speak for get your shit together.)

So next week I’m taking a 2-hour seminar entitled “How to Use the Manual Settings on Your DSLR.” I’m so excited! I hope it will give me the confidence to experiment with all those settings…


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I dare you to watch just one episode of this show without getting completely hooked.

Pretty Faces: The Story of a Skier Girl. This movie was so inspiring to the girls. When we got home, Sasha made a poster for her wall that says ALASKA.

Have a great weekend!

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Armchair Travel

Happy Halloween! (and links)

Happy Halloween! (and links)