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travel light, live simply


Every summer, I pack all my favorite clothes into a suitcase and fly to Europe. I only bring the pieces that I love - no raggedy t-shirts, no ill-fitting jeans, no unflattering sundresses. The same goes for my toiletries, my makeup and all the crap that’s accumulated in my purse. I only bring what is truly useful or beautiful.

That’s one of the unexpected side effects of travel - you weed out the clutter in your life and focus on what’s most important.

I’m long overdue to bring this philosophy into our home. Our closets and cabinets are filled with things we never wear and don’t use. And now that our bathroom projects are finished(!!!!!), I’ve begun the process of editing/purging all the “stuff” cluttering our house. Yesterday I took 9 bags of clothes to Goodwill - and I’m here to tell you - it was so liberating!

So that’s the theme for this Friday’s Links: How to edit your belongings and live more simply... happy purging!


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