Flea Markets in Paris

Today's Top 3: Flea Markets in Paris

1. The Big One: Marché aux Puces de Clignancourt

Also known as Marché aux Puces de Paris/ St. Ouen. Location: 7 impasse Simon, 93400 Saint Ouen

This flea market is so big it has it’s own website. Makes you wonder if there are still any good deals to be had. But if you (like me) are just looking for personal treasures (not financially profitable ones), it’s still a fun place to explore and experience.

“Vintage Finds: Even if you come away empty-handed, you’ll have the satisfaction of having traveled through time and space.” — How To Be Parisian Wherever You Are

2. Puces de Vanves

Location: 14th Arrondissement, on Paris Avenue between Marc Sangnier and BC George Lafenestre.

“…A small, messy, open-air flea market on the opposite end of town, where bargains were still to be had.” — NYT, Elaine Sciolino

3. Porte de Montreuil

Location: right over the border of the 20th on the eastern edge of Paris.

“… mostly household hardware and small electrical items… some shoppers regularly seek out its inexpensive goods, more diverse clientele, and the feeling of adventure that comes with being on the geographical fringe of Paris.” — Bonjour Paris

Also -

Vide-grenier is website listing all the “Attic Empty” sales happening in smaller neighborhoods. These are especially fun  in small villages.

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