3 Essential Oils from Provence

I used to think aroma therapy was like lighting a nice candle - relaxing and pleasant, but not particularly therapeutic. But in Provence, essential oils are more like first aid products - they are in everyone's medicine cabinet and they're the go-to remedy for minor ailments. I've been learning so much and this list barely scratches the surface. I need to get a good book - any recommendations?

1. Lavender. A natural sleep aid. Also soothes anxiety, bug bites, minor burns, cuts and eczema. Could also be used to flavor sparkling water or sugar cookies! (watch it - a little goes a long way!)

2. Lemon. Great for cleaning and deodorizing the kitchen. My favorite: Add a drop or two to a mixture of coarse salt and baking soda, then scrub odors out of wood cutting boards.

3. Peppermint. Great for alleviating nausea and headaches. (rub a drop or two onto the abdomen or temples) Also great deodorizer - try diluting peppermint oil in water and spritzing the laundry room, sneakers, gym bags, etc. I also heard that spiders hate the scent of peppermint, so it's good to drop around the cracks int he wall. Don't know if that's true, but worth a shot!

Also - Eucalyptus. Because a drop in each corner of the shower will turn your quick rinse-off into a spa-like experience! Love this!