The Best of Fall Break (and Links)

My running trail, Bellevue, WA

The girls were on Fall Break this week - which, as we all know, is not really a “break” for moms! But we did have a great time. Remember how I said I was going to take full advantage of the beautiful places in the PNW? Well... we didn’t do any of that. :/ The girls still had all their evening activities, so there wasn't time for an overnight trip, or even a day trip. But we did manage to stay in our pajamas until noon and eat lots of chocolate cake. That’s pretty awesome, right?

Here’s something even more awesome: My mom spent the week in New York City with her girlfriends. And let me tell you, those ladies are crazy! They hit every major tourist site in town - including a Broadway musical and dinner with my father-in-law.  Plus, they managed to get on camera at The Today Show! I loved hearing about her daily adventures. She’s an inspiration!

Here are a few fun links I found while eating cake --


This blog post from Elephantine made me want to collect leaves with the girls.

Enjoy skiing in the french and swiss alps? Me too. Here’s what’s new.

Our favorite (non-alcoholic) fall drinks: Chocolat Chaud and this Cinnamon Sunset Tea.

I’m lucky to have a good babysitter right now, but I’m sure these questions will come in handy someday!

How to sound more french.

It’s like they know us. Some of these are hilarious!

Updating my fall uniform on pinterest.

Great advice for stocking your pantry. I love Mark Bittman!


See you next week!