Tennis in Annecy, France

Only 58 days until our next family séjour to France! I've been busy researching summer camp options, which got me thinking - shouldn't there be summer camps for adults? And low and behold, look what I found: A summer Tennis Camp for Adults! Unfortunately, between my lousy French and my even lousier tennis game, I might not be able to swing it (ha!). But surely I could find a willing instructor at one of these clubs....

Tennis Menthon 

  • Camps for kids: 1/2 day sailing, 1/2 day tennis
  • Adult private and group lessons available

Tennis Club Annecy le Viex

  • Camps for kids: both 1/2 and full day
  • Evening courses for adults
  • Private lessons available.
  • Well-reviewed café serves lunch (reservations recommended).

Annecy Tennis

  • The girls attended camp here last year and it was great!
  • Café serves lunch
  • Gorgeous beach across the street
  • Camps for kids and evening adult lessons

Tennis Club Veyrier-du-lac

  • Looks like 2 courts for rental/community use.
  • Ask about a private instructor at the Offices de Tourisme


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