Six mistakes a day

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Happy Friday! So by now we’ve all had almost two weeks of the back-to-school routine. So you’ve got the routine down pat, right? No confused schedules or forgotten paperwork? You’ve stocked everyone's favourite snacks and planned out all your meals?


You haven’t?

GASP! What kind of mom are you?!

A good friend of mine (and mom to three little ones) told her kids this:

I’m allowed six mistakes a day before anyone can get frustrated with me. Including myself.

Is that the most awesome idea EVER? I LOVE it! She’s being kind to herself. Plus, it teaches the kids that they can make mistakes without being humiliated.

Dan thinks the 6-mistakes-per-day philosophy probably wouldn’t fly at the office. Thankfully, when my bosses get temperamental, I can take away their iPhones.

I hope you have a great weekend and are forgiven for all of your mistakes!

xoxo, L

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