Running the numbers on a dream

La Muse

You know what I hate about House Hunters International? They never tell you what those people do for a living. They usually say something like “Joe’s business allows him to work from anywhere, so he and his family have decided to move to Bali!” Well, great! Good for them! We moved to the suburbs to be closer to an office park. We need a new career path.

I’ve been coming up with ideas. Since B is the business guy in this family, I leave it to him to monetize my ideas (B, run the numbers!). I keep telling him that there must be a way to expense a farmhouse in France, but he says I’ve been watching too much Seinfeld.

Some ideas:

  • Start a goat farm (for the cheese). We had goats on our farm in Indiana when I was growing up. I’m pretty sure my dad accidentally-on-purpose shot one in the middle of the night for beeh-ing and waking us up all the time.  But I think if our property in France was big enough, we wouldn’t hear them. Plus, have you seen those old French barns? So charming!
  • Grow organic, heirloom tomatoes. People love those things.
  • Circus school – oops. That one is taken. Seriously! I saw it House Hunters International the other night. A couple who met while doing Cirque de Soleil, gave up the circus life and moved to France to start a circus school. Honestly, why didn’t I think of that.
  • Artists retreat. Yoga retreat. Writers’ retreat. Whatever retreat. All we need to do is provide a supporting and creative environment with an inspiring view and I’m sure people will come. right? I’ve been dreaming about this place for months…

I have other ideas, but I can’t give them all away. We’re still running the numbers.