Q&A Tuesday: French Visas


Hello travelers! I’m so excited to introduce a new monthly series called Q&A Tuesday: French Visas.

As you know, I specialize in helping families plan long stays in France. And although Americans can stay in France for up to 90 days without a visa, some families want to stay even longer.

So for those families who are planning a year-long sabbatical - I’ve got great news! I found an expert to answer your Visa questions.


Laurence Raybois is a consultant who specializes in assisting Americans who want to live in France.  She can help you make sense of the many visa options and find the one best suited to your personal and professional circumstances. Laurence contacts French administration on behalf of her clients and provides highly personalized service - even handling the most unusual of tasks! Once, she assisted a client who wanted to bring his two parrots to France!

Laurence has special interest in helping people move to rural France and is also highly skilled in assisting individuals whose profession is regulated in France. 

Laurence is a frequent speaker on the themes of Working and Living in France, Teaching English in France and Buying a Home in France, mostly through various chapters of the Alliance Française and the French American Chamber of Commerce.  She is the author of Chez Moi: The Foreigner’s Guide to Buying a Home in France.  

Laurence can be reached at poliana@yourfrenchhome.com or (425) 246-9649. Or you can visit her at Rural French Resources.

Welcome to Séjour Travels, Laurence! 


Readers - we want to hear from YOU! Not sure which type of Visa to apply for? Trying to make sense of the highly specific, yet completely confusing requirements? Send me your Visa questions or leave them in the comments below. Each month we’ll choose one question to answer here on this blog.

Here’s next week’s question:

I read that we can obtain a long-term visa if we have “sufficient funds to live off during your stay.” My question is - what does that actually mean? How much money do we need to have in the bank? We are a family of four and would like to stay for one year.

Come back next week for the answer!

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