Our little village, Puyloubier

Just a quick blog today to share with you some photos of our little village…

Puyloubier is tucked into the base of Mt. Sainte Victoire, and overlooks a wide green valley covered with vineyards and stone barns.

The village itself is really very charming. The church bells ring every hour. There are two boulangeries, a mini mart and one restaurant. This street (below) is called Grande Rue because it’s one of the biggest streets in town!

One of our favorite things about living in the village is being able to walk to and from school everyday.  Below is a picture of the girls’ school – notice there are no bikes, slides or monkey bars! The kids have to come up with their own games! The current favorite is Trap Trap (freeze tag).

After dinner, we usually take a walk around the village. The girls like to visit their favorite fountains and climb the olive trees!