Our fall routine: a bird, a dog and a bodega

Regents Park in the Fall

A short month ago I was craving routine... and now we have it!

And wow, does our commute look different this year than last! We walk everywhere we go - and it feels healthy and liberating. 

It takes us about 13 minutes to walk to school - and 30 minutes to get home. The 17-minute time difference is due to a few afternoon distractions…

Polly, the white cockatoo, who suns herself every afternoon in front of The Marylebone Gallery. She says "Bye Bye!" when we leave her. (Check out this 4 second video!)

Shadow, the labradoodle, who plays in Paddington Gardens. (He’s not nearly as interested in retrieving the ball as Sasha is in throwing it.)

And Greenfields, our local green grocer. The girls pick out an after school snack, and I pick up something for dinner.

The commute is not terribly photogenic, I realize. But it's a sweet and peaceful way to end the school day.... except when it’s raining! Then I really miss my stinky old beat-up Toyota. 

I hope you have a great weekend! Here’s what our weekend routine looks like…

Kinja FC


Regents Park and Primrose Hill

London Junior and Senior Ballet


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