Happy December!

nutcracker season!

It's officially Nutcracker season! This is PNB’s final year doing the Stowell and Sendack version of The Nutcracker. Sophia is in nineteen shows this month and loving every single moment. And really - what more could a girl want? She gets to ditch school and dance around backstage with professional ballerinas! She’s in heaven.

And so am I! Because I turned 43 this week! I’ve been spoiled rotten with lunches and dinners and gifts and chocolates and flowers... I am truly a lucky girl. xo

Here's what's been on our minds this week....


6 things you didn't know about being a ballet dancer.

It's all about the peacock.

Sophia's reading Misty Copeland's book right now and totally inspired.

Here's the difference between Balanchine and Classical Ballet (PNB will do a Balanchine Nutcracker next year).

And look what I got as a gift this week.... Do my friends know me or what? :)