It's hot as heck in New York City

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Hi ya! How’s your summer going? We’re back in the US (New York City) for a few weeks… Sophia is at American Ballet Theater, loving life and dancing her heart out. Friends and family - go look for her on Instagram. Her profile is private, so you’ll need to ask permission to follow her. If I recognize your name I’ll give you access.. :)

Meanwhile Sasha is flying high - literally! This week she went to Circus Camp in Brooklyn. Her favorite activity (no surprise here) was the flying trapeze!  NYC friends - I highly recommend STREB. My only complaint is that we had to pack our own lunch, which is kind of a pain. But Sasha has had the time of her life - and the final show was great!

And what have I been up to? Oh you know, wandering around the streets of New York trying to stay cool. I only had a few hours between drop off and pick up, but I did have fun shopping, reading and café-hopping….  :)


What's making me happy this week:

dress + converse = my summer in the city uniform

Love love love this series and it's available on netflix.

NYT’s Modern Love Video Shorts

I laughed until I cried: 50 shades of awkward.

My favourite book of the month. The audio version is also great.

Such. A. Guilty Pleasure. It's the perfect show to have on while doing housework.