My little Czech girls

My little Czech girls

Life is such a crazy adventure. All weekend, I've marvelled at this fact: I'm a girl from Indiana and my daughters have Czech passports. (And I'm typing this from my flat in London... how did I get here?)

The Czech Republic was the first foreign country I ever visited. In 1995, I was working in Hollywood when it became abundantly clear to me that the best thing I could do for myself was get the heck out of LA and experience life a foreign country.  The country itself hardly mattered. In fact, I managed to get job offers (to teach English) in both South Africa and Czech Republic. I knew nothing about either country/culture and might’ve flipped a coin to decide my fate if not for meeting a girl in a bar...

Her name was Laurie and she was moving to Prague. (Weird, right?) I took that as a sign and decided to move to Prague. Also, I was totally broke and it seemed like it might be easier to be poor in Eastern Europe than South Africa.

So I moved to Prague.

Fast forward 20 years and I'm a mama to two girls who have Czech passports, speak French and live in London. My teenage self is SO AMAZED by my life!