May in Review

May in Review


  May in Review May in Review

May trips ~

Cotswold Water Park

Bushcraft (Sasha)

PGL Surrey (Sophia)

Nice (just me - girls trip!)

Seattle (Dan)

Paris (me and Sophia)

Amsterdam (whole family)


We saw and loved ~

The Comedy About A Bank Robbery


Random family news ~

Dan and Sasha ran the GOSH 5K - Sasha broke her record!

Sophia started seeing a physiotherapist who is helping her stabilize her back muscles. But for the foreseeable future - no trampolines or high impact sports. :/

We've all become addicted to avocado toast sprinkled with chia seeds.


Personal projects ~

Finalized our summer travel plans.

Made my first Quarterly Journal using inDesign.


Favorite books this month ~

I am Pilgrim

The Secret Keeper

How to talk so your teens will listen...


Wish me luck ~ 

I have to get my UK driver's license in June.... theory test AND driving test. Boo!!



The Diary (and House) of Anne Frank

The Diary (and House) of Anne Frank