London Scouting Trip

A few weeks ago, we took the kids on scouting trip to London in preparation for our upcoming move - and wow! What a great trip! If I had any hesitation about moving to London (I didn’t), this trip won me over. Our main priorities for the week were to visit potential schools and check out some neighborhoods…. But we also left plenty of time to visit with friends and explore the city!

The biggest news of all is... we found a school for the girls!  L'école Internationale Franco-Anglaise is a bilingual school (french/english) in the center of London in a neighborhood called Marylebone. The school’s philosophy is similar to the girls current school, so it felt like a good fit. We took a tour of the school and LOVED it. Dan and I were impressed by the friendly staff, the bilingual curriculum and the arts & music programs. The girls loved: iPads for everyone, recess at Regents Park, and field trips to Belgium!

We also spent a lot of time exploring neighborhoods and looking at different houses. We found so many charming neighborhoods we’d be happy to call home. Hopefully we’ll find something close to the school…? Marylebone, maybe?

Both girls are super active and passionate about their respective sports. So we made time to look for a new ballet studio and soccer team. I didn't expect to nail this down - but we had great luck! Sophia fell in love with Central Ballet School (and got in!) and Sasha tried out for Kinja FC - and made the team! I'm so proud of them both for putting themselves out there and just going for it!

But the real highlight of the week was the warm welcome we received from our friends and family. I feel so lucky to have them in my life! We haven't even moved yet and I feel like these families have our back.