Lessons learned in the first 24 hours

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The girls have decided that they like Puyloubier better than Paris. That’s a pretty bold statement if you ask me! But I’m certainly not gonna rock their boat. Here are my top 3 lessons learned during my first 24 hours in this small village:

1. When they say that everything is closed on Sundays, believe them. We got into town late Sunday afternoon with no cash, no gas and no food.

Thankfully, the very nice chef of Les Sarments took pity on us. We met him while loitering on this tiny street (called Rue Grande), looking quite pathetic and very hungry. We might have been whimpering a little bit. His kitchen was closed, but he showed us to a courtyard and told us to sit at any table. And then he said “Stay here. blablablafrenchblablablafrenchblabla.” Or something like that.

After about 10 minutes, I started wandering about the last part of the sentence… Did he say “stay here, I’ll be back eventually”or was it “stay here and rest, but then go away you stupid Americans”… what did he say?

He came back. And he brought bread, cheese, strawberries and chocolate cake. It was all he could provide without turning on the ovens. How nice is that? And would you believe his name is ACTUALLY Mr. Gentil. I’m not even kidding!

I’ve since learned that people come from all over Provence to eat at his restaurant. So consider this an advertisement: if you ever find yourself hungry in Provence, try Les Sarments! I will definitely be going back for a proper dinner when Dan gets here! … xo

2. When they say hours are limited on Monday, believe them. We had to wake up at the crack of dawn (while jet lagged) to make it to the market before they closed for the day.

3. Strike up a conversation with someone – even if you feel stupid. Even if your kids are totally embarrassed by your very existence.

This morning, I awkwardly chatted up the lady who runs the tabac next to the boulangerie. Her name is Arianne, and turns out she has a daughter who attends the local school where my girls will attend later this week. As we were leaving, she asked if we wanted to come over to her house for a playdate later. We said “Oui! Bien sur!”

So this afternoon, Arianne and I drank 3 espressos (noisette, s.v.p.) while the girls played in the garden and swam in the pool.

Beautiful view, happy girls, happy mama.