Howdy cuz! Wanna get married?

I've had a breakthrough! But first, a few tidbits for genealogical newbies:

  1. Families had so. many. kids.  
  2. Families tend to pass down first names. So it's not uncommon to find two or more relatives with the same name living at the same time in the same town. Birthdates, marriage records and death dates are critical pieces of the puzzle.
  3. Family priorities were: 1) to make enough money/food to survive the season 2) to not die of influenza or contract polio.
  4. Family priorities were NOT: 1) spelling any name the same way twice 2) documenting birthdates 3) marrying outside the gene pool.

Okay, back to my breakthrough. In Hazel's line, the Holloway surname pops up all over the place. And for weeks, different parts of Hazel's tree kept overlapping and I couldn't figure out why.... until the answer jumped out at me: 

Hazel's maternal grandparents and her paternal grandparents were related!  Specifically, Hazel's paternal great grandfather and her maternal great great grandfather and were brothers: Jesse and Abner Holloway.

In other words, Hazel's ancestors are all in one big pot of incestuous cousin stew. Here are some Holloway family photos. 

Eleanor Holloway and daughtersHeleanor (Hinshaw) Holloway1909 Holloway Reunionwife and children abner holloway


Timothy & Tamer (Hollingsworth) Holloway

Abner HollowaySephen and Nancy E (Holloway) SpeedJesse Holloway