How to Buy French Train Tickets Online


It's pretty straight-forward, but follow these steps to secure e-tickets and avoid unnecessary fees.

  1. Go to
  2. When you’ve chosen the routes you want, you will be asked to select a country from the drop down menu. Select FRANCE. (If you select USA, you will not be able to purchase an e-ticket and will consequently pay admin and postage fees.)
  4. Buy online using your credit card.
  5. Print out your ticket.

There are 4 types of train services in France (all are available at SNCF):

  • TGV
  • IDTGV (discounted TGV with limited routes. You can choose between Quiet Cars and Social Cars.)
  • OUIGO (discounted TGV with limited routes)
  • Intercités (intercity)

p.s. The picture above is of my girls on a Czech train from Prague to Prerov.