Highlights from Indiana

Highlights from Indiana:

Watching Sasha catch a fish.

Counting Sophia’s mosquito bites and loosing track after 61.

Swimming out to the floating doc on Lake Little Barbee.

Making smores around the fire pit.

Sleeping 3 people + 1 dog to a bed.

Counting red heads at the Record Family Reunion.

Laughing with cousins… and second cousins…

Seeing Kelly’s new home and meeting the famous Gooch.

Catching fireflies and jumping on the trampoline.

Coloring Amy’s hair strawberry blond.

Taking in the county fair - elephant ears, cotton candy, sheep show and livestock barns.

Repeat after me: Yeeeeaahhh.. Buddy!

And last but not least….

Watching Grandma with her grandchildren… all of them… in one place. ;)