Healthy airplane food

Here’s my theory on airplane travel: if you arrive safely to your destination and no one has thrown up on you, you should call it a good day. There was a time when I was routinely pooped or puked on by my children during flights. Reading a book was out of the question. Look at me now! I can type this blog while my children watch movies on their iPods! It’s incredible!

So I can’t work up the energy to rant about airplane food. The truth is, it’s hard to make food appetizing at 30,000 feet (this article does a great job explaining why that is). We should all really just lower our culinary expectations and shut up about it. I’m kind of a foodie, but it when it comes to eating on an airplane, I’m practical. My goal is to make it to my destination feeling relatively healthy.

Some pinterest ideas for you

And here are my top choices:

Water water water

Yep, it makes you pee. That’s the point. If your neighbor doesn’t like it, they shouldn’t have chosen an aisle seat.


My favorite, easy-to-pack combos are: 1) cheese and fruit 2) protein bars and cucumbers 3) spiced nuts and a bubbly water.

Strong flavors and crunchy textures

Because pressurized cabins deaden our taste buds, we tend to crave salty and sweet flavors. One way around that is to focus on texture (crunchy or bubbly), spices (i.e. spiced nuts or cinnamon tea) or fragrances (i.e. clementines, mint tea). The umami flavor also seems to withstand the altitude, which may explain why people drink a disproportionate amount of tomato juice in the sky….

 P.S. Louis CK on airplane travel.