Boat Street Café (and Links)

Just me and my girls... Bridgehampton, NY

Happy Friday! What was the highlight of your week? Mine was a super fun and yummy lunch with my girlfriends at Boat Street Café. It’s amazing how quickly two hours (and a bottle of rosé) can disappear!

As a side note - if calories and cream were of no consequence, I would eat Boat Street’s bread pudding before bed every single night. Without fail. Until the day I died. It’s that good.

Here are some fun links I found this week…

Yes! This is a great idea!

Trea of Life. So cool!

I love to find stores like this one, especially when I travel. It’s a great way to pick up souvenirs that you’ll actually use!

I read this column every week. Looking for other fun columns to follow...

I found a new way to enjoy music. Love love love this app!

Have a great weekend!