Not to bum you out, but our sunny days are numbered (and Links)

point robinson park, vashon island

Have you read Orange is the New Black? The lead character, Piper Kerman, has a past that catches up with her and is sentenced to 15 months in federal prison. She’s given a date by which she must self-surrender to the Federal Penitentiary in Danbury, Connecticut. She savors her remaining days of freedom - spending time with family and friends, eating good food, taking long walks. But all the while she knows she is going to prison in x number of days. Prison was just there. Waiting for her to self-surrender.

That’s what October feels like Seattle. Our sunny days are numbered. The grey skies are coming for us. By the end of the month, it will be dark and damp and drippy. I can practically smell the clouds rolling in.

But they aren’t here yet.

So today I made the most of the sunshine. I woke up, grabbed my camera and took the ferry to Vashon Island. I know, right? Pretty awesome! I’ll share with you some pics and favorite places next week. In the meantime, here’s wishing you a sunny weekend!


Guess where we will spend New Year’s Eve?!

Do you ever feel this way?

Exciting news! Sophia was cast in PNB’s Nutcracker! She will perform in approximately half of the 39 shows between Thanksgiving and Christmas. You should go check it out!

Have you ever done a monthly challenge? I have friends who’ve done the 30 Day Bikram Challenge and 30 Days of Running-a-Mile Challenge. I even have a friend who gave up wine for the entire month of October. Now that’s just crazy. Here’s a challenge I can handle: The Instagram Challenge - 31 Days of Souvenirs.  

Started and finished this book in one day. Love her!

I. Love. This. Flowchart.

My husband is addicted to designing his own shoes. I need to figure out how to leverage this.

Have a great weekend!