Fall is Here! (and links)

Washington Park Arboretum


Not to freak you out or anything, but this is the last friday of September. Can you believe it? I’m a little panicky because our fall travel calendar is alarmingly sparse. This weekend I’m hoping to pencil in a few weekend trips. There are some gorgeous places around the Pacific Northwest that we still haven’t been to - it’s time to tick them off our list!  More information coming on Wednesday...

In the mean time, here are some distractions…

Maps that will surprise you.

How to document your travels.

Just because I’m nice, don’t assume I’m dumb. Amen sister!

What we’re watching when the kids go to sleep. It’s (finally) getting good!

Between school, ballet and soccer, I spend a good portion of my day in my car. The audible version of this book is making the drive more enjoyable. (And  since it’s about a million pages long, it is an excellent candidate for whispersync.)

What everyone back home is doing this weekend. Sorry I can't be there!

Have a great weekend!