Go Sounders! (and Links)

date night - go sounders!

How was your week? Mine flew by. Between you, me, and the internet - we might just put our house on the market in the spring!  Hallelujah! Hallelujah! That means we are finally motivated to renovate the bathrooms. I was dreading this process - mostly because I didn’t know where to start. Thankfully I found an awesome contractor who has helped me come up with a plan of attack. (He’s just so organized, I love him!) Between his spreadsheet and my pinterest boards, I’m officially psyched and ready to reno!

A few fun links…

Our song of the week: http://tinysong.com/1833G

I finally got around to uploading some pics from the Amazon Jungle.

Just bought tickets to the FIFA Women’s World Cup in Canada next summer! Check out the awesome official poster!

25 ways to ask your kids how school went. What always works for me: who’d you sit next too at lunch and what did they eat? Who did you play with at recess and what did you do?

My bathroom board on pinterest. ;)

Have a great weekend!