Happy Friday! (and Links)

Agua Verde, Seattle in the Sun

The girls finished their first few days of school!  They love their new teachers and I love my re-gained freedom… or at least I thought I would.   In fact, I had a terribly unproductive week. My list was too long, I got lost in the weeds and didn’t manage to finish a single project. So frustrating! I guess two months of sunshine and rosé has turned my me into a distracted, unfocused mess. It’s time to get my brain - and body - back in shape!

A few fun links…

One of these days, I might actually do this: Why Summering in the Pacific Northwest is the Next Best Thing to Traveling Abroad.

We’ve been watching the US Open and I'm feeling inspired to take tennis lessons again. Sadly: The Death of the One-Handed Backhand.

How one traveler turns a place into a home: What I do: Buy a good kitchen knife and live stream NPR while making dinner.

How one mom photographed her kids’ first day at school - I think you will relate!

Travel porn: I’ve only been to 19 of these cities. Not bad for a farm girl from Indiana, but I think I can do better. :)

I am in love this new app. It makes it so easy to shoot edit and share short films.

Have a great weekend!