French Language Resources

French Language Resources

There is no magic trick for learning a foreign language. It just takes hours and hours of practice... and a willingness to make a fool out of yourself!

My top 2 tips:

1. Find a good tutor/conversation partner. Any success I've had learning French, I owe entirely to my French tutor. Every Wednesday evening for two years, she would ring my doorbell at 7pm and refuse to speak English to me. It was absolutely exhausting, but exactly what I needed. I may not always conjugate verbs correctly, but I can carry on a conversation. And with a glass of wine in my hand, it's not even that stressful.

2. "Study" abroad. Despite what you might think, it's easy to live in another country without really learning the language. When we're in France, here's how I "study." In the morning, I plan my day: errands, sightseeing, meals, etc. Then, I write down all the phrases and words I might need to communicate... then I go out into the French speaking world and pretend to be French. I avoid speaking English as much as possible. And I carry around a small notebook to write down all the words I need to translate when I get home. It's the best school money can buy! And way more fun than sitting in a classroom.


The News in Slow French. The world's news stories, delivered in sloooow French. Vocabulary words and transcripts help you follow along.

Grammar and Vocabulary

About French

There are a lot of good handouts on Pinterest. Here's my French Lessons Pinterest Page.



Only in desperation: google translate

Translating websites (again, far from perfect): google chrome