Flying Trapeze (Happy Birthday Sasha!)

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I’m starting to associate Sasha’s birthday with an adrenaline rush! Last year, we went paragliding in Annecy. This year, we all took a flying trapeze lesson!

The Trapeze School of New York is on the banks of the Hudson River at Pier 40. While waiting to jump off your platform, you can take in an amazing 360 degree view: the New York City skyline, the Hudson River and even the Statue of Liberty off in the distance. It’s worth the climb for the view alone! But of course, once you’re up there, you might as well jump. ;)

TSNY’s logo is: Forget fear. Worry about the addiction. And I couldn’t agree more! It was more of a workout than I anticipated. It inspires me to get stronger and leaner — and do this more often.  (In London, maybe?)

Plus, flying trapeze goes on my list of sports that I would do for the outfits alone.