First day of school!

first day of school, american girls in france

What an exciting morning! The girls have started school! What am I going to do with myself until 4:20pm?

The girls were super excited this morning, but also a little nervous.  Sasha said she had too many butterflies in her tummy to have a third nutella crepe. (I agreed.) Sophia practically ran to school, worrying that she would be late. (We were early.)

Honestly, the drop-off could not have gone better. The Directrice and the teachers were very friendly and welcoming. I was a little worried that Sasha wouldn’t let go of my leg, but she did. :) I’m really proud of them both for being so brave!

School hours are 8:30-11:30 and 1:30-4:20. Lunch is from 11:30-1:30pm. You can pick up your child and take them home during this time, or you can let them stay at school for lunch and playtime. We decided to have the girls stay for lunch because it’s a great way to make friends. Plus, the food is apparently excellent. Lunches are prepared by the chef each morning with local ingredients and come with fresh bread from the boulangerie. The kids are served family style and learn proper table manners!

Today’s menu: salad verte, filet meunière, haricots verts, crème dessert.

I can’t wait to hear how their first day went! What a relief that we’ve come this far!