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Sophia's Room

Have you ever made a mood board for a room in your home?

We are in the process of moving into/ furnishing/ decorating our new place. But we aren't particularly talented in this area so we’ve enlisted the help of a home stylist we found at West Elm. Her name is Jenna and she’s awesome. (In fact, I’m hoping to woo her into contributing a few guest posts on this blog!)

Jenna is helping us merge three things 1) dan’s urban/industrial style 2) my anthro/bohemian style and 3) our limited budget. We’re willing to invest in some new pieces over time, but we need to do things in stages.

Jenna taught me how to create mood boards for each room. Essentially it’s just cutting and pasting images you find online into a power point document.

The result is that you get to see how things look together. As you find things you like, you can fine-tune your look by subbing out this area rug for that one, and so on… It’s especially helpful to those of us who have a hard time visualizing what various elements might look like together. It also becomes something of a wish list for each room, so you can buy new pieces when funds become available...

I’m a little embarrassed to show you our mood boards, as professional designers do a much better job of this! But you should try it! It’s so much fun!

Sasha's Room

Sasha's Room