Czech fruit dumplings - Ovocné Knedlíky

I’ve recruited another Czech grandmother. Her name is Maria and she’s done more to get us excited about our upcoming trip to Prague than all the books collecting dust on our coffee table. Just look at this sweet smile!

With Maria’s guidance, I made two batches of Ovocné Knedlíky this weekend – and we ate every last one! Are they light and healthy? Uh, no. Deliciously sweet and buttery? Oh yes. Definitely yes….

Maria's Recipe for Ovocné Knedlíky

To make the dough: combine 1 cup Wandra, 1 package of cream cheese and 1 egg. Once you've mixed up all the ingredients and formed your dough, put it in the fridge for a few hours (up to a few days) to harden up a bit. One batch yields about a dozen dumplings depending on the size of fruit you use.nn

Prep your fruit: Clean, pit and dry whatever fruit you are using. Strawberries, apricots and plums are best (in my opinion!). You don't want any fruit that is excessively wet or your dumplings will get soggy.

Making your dumplings: Slice off a disc of dough and flatten like a pancake. Put your fruit in the center and wrap it up. Pinch the dough together to seal.

Boil the dumplings for 10 minutes. When serving, top each dumpling with toasted bread crumbs, sugar (we like powdered) and generous amounts of melted butter.