Just a quick note to say we made it! We are finally all together again and happily settling into our new home…

I love our new flat. It has beautiful wood floors, lots of built-in bookshelves and french doors that open out into a quiet garden. There's a second, private garden across the street, so our entire block is green and tranquil - even though the city around us is alive and busy and hot.

As I type this, our building's caretaker, Josie, is watering all the flowers in our back garden. I’ve never lived in a building with a caretaker before and find her presence to be so comforting. I mean, she's a caretaker! Yeah, I know I'm probably romanticizing the whole notion. But she waters plants, accepts packages for us and is there if when one of our children gets locked inside a bathroom (guess which kid. yep. you guessed right). And when our garbage needs taking out, I put it in a secret compartment in the kitchen and it magically disappears by morning. I love her.

So we are slowly-- slooooooowly -- settling in... Dan reminds me to pace myself. That the girls need to have FUN, not just be productive. (but isn't being productive also fun?) Yesterday we went to the Princess Diana Playground in Hyde Park. Later this week we will check out the zoo at Regents Park, go to Sasha's first soccer practice and see Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum.

Other highlights from the first few days in London:

Dan took us out to his favorite French bistro.... where everyone knew his name and was surprised he was not alone. :)

We have an evening ritual of taking a walk /unicycle ride around our square...

And great news! I have a new phone number! (the old one still works until mid-August). It only took two trips to the Apple store and approximately 14 hours on the phone with AT&T. But I have a new phone number. (btw, if there is a hell, AT&T processes their paperwork.)

More soon!

I like the spirit of this great London which I feel around me. - Charlotte Bronte