Celebrating the New Year in Kauai

joy Sophia with Boogie Board

Sasha with her Boogie Board

a tiny lizard

Our Favorite Places and Activities:

Outfitters Kauai Zipline Safari

Waimai Canyon (hiking trails)

La Pizzetta in Koloa

La Spezia in Koloa for breakfast (mascarpone french toast)

Koloa Mill Ice Cream (The ice cream is good - but the shaved ice is even better! Favorite flavor: Tiger’s Blood)

Josselin's for tapas and sangria (Don’t miss the short ribs and the white wine sangria.)

Merriman’s Fish House

Read this book!

Sarah Vowell’s Unfamiliar Fishes, a collection of essays on the history and culture of Hawaii. She's smart, funny and a regular contributor to This American Life. You can hear her voice as you read the book...

"Anyone who has been to any of the islands for more than fifteen minutes and hasn't heard Iz's cover of "Over the Rainbow" at least five times is not paying attention."