Armchair Travel

Armchair Travel

Sasha and I have been stuck at home this week. The poor thing has pneumonia! No fun whatsoever. She’s a sweet and cuddly patient, but I miss the old Sasha.

Neither of us have enjoyed the forced down time. We both like to do things - go places, exercise and see friends. Instead, we spent the week sitting on the couch, playing board games and watching TV.

It was fun the first day. Not so much on Day 8.

What do you do when you can’t go anywhere?  Read books? Watch movies? I do both. But mostly I start planning for the next trip. We're thinking seriously about a Paris séjour next summer... what do you think?


Here are a few fun distractions...

I love this book: Book Lust To Go - Recommended Reading for Travelers, Vagabonds and Dreamers

Good Reads List of Armchair Travel Books

I love this idea: Murder, They Wrote

This post made me smile and reminded me of our Provence séjour.

I devoured every single syllable word of this article! Hint: Walnut Grove

I’m reading/listening to The Paying Guests by Sarah Waters. Which inspired me to learn more about the Cockney Accent.

I was mesmerized by this video with Marion Cotillard.

Cool map of world events, festivals and celebrations.


Have a great weekend and stay warm!