Apps for Organizing Travel


If you know me, you know that I love organize - almost as much as I love to travel! I have three favorite apps to share with you today. Each offer web and mobile access so that you can access the information from anywhere.


Pros: After you set up an account, Tripit manages itself. When your email inbox receives a confirmation from an airline or hotel, Tripit recognizes this and automatically imports them to your Tripit Itineraries.

Cons: Tripit only recognizes reservations from places like airlines and hotels. When I travel, I also want to keep track of emails from VRBO, ski school instructors, summer camp operators, restaurant recommendations, etc.


Pros: Evernote is like a journal filled with sticky notes –and because it’s online, you can organize everything in a way that makes sense for you. I usually create a new notebook for each trip, adding clips of anything and everything I’ve found online: articles, recommendations, emails, maps, etc.  Here’s an Evernote travel tutorial.

Cons: Data uploads and syncing availability is limited unless you upgrade to a Premium Account (appox $40 per year).


Pros: If Evernote is my personal journal, then Dropbox is my work filing cabinet. All my important papers are here. When my computer died last year, I didn't panic, even for a minute. Everything was in dropbox, so I lost nothing. You can also share folders with co-works or family members.

Cons: If you use dropbox all the time, you will probably need to upgrade to a Pro Account (approx. $10 per month).