Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge, Brazil

Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge, an eco lodge in the Amazon jungle.

Better late than never, right?

I'm finally getting around to posting some photos from our June trip to the Amazon jungle in Brazil. I'll admit - I was ateensy bit nervous/excited about this part of the trip! Flying in a float plane has been on my bucket list forever - but I generally prefer to sleep in tarantulas-free environments....

Float Plane Arrival, Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge

Float Plane at Anavilhanas Lodge

We made it! Our group had to take two separate planes to the lodge, so Dan was there to great me when we landed.  No big adventures on the first night -- we mostly explored the grounds surrounding the Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge...

The Pool at Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge

View from the Observation Deck.  Amazon Jungle

Our rooms... Anavilhanas Jungle Lodge

Sunset over the Amazon

Watching the sunset over the Amazon gave me one of those "how did I get here?" moments. So beautiful, so remote.

A few hours later, my friends decided to go on a midnight boat ride in search of tarantulas and other nocturnal creatures. There are times in life when you act brave and do things that scare you.

And then there are times when you decide to have a glass of wine and call it a night.

the lodge of Anavilhanas jungle lodge