All settled in...

my first sejour in provence I can’t believe we’ve been here a full week! I absolutely love hearing from all my friends. The house gets pretty quiet at night and it’s nice to read your emails! Today, I thought I’d share some of the questions (and answers) I keep getting.

How are the girls getting along in French?

I am amazed at how smooth the transition has been. FISW has prepared them so well for school here. They haven’t had any problems understanding or communicating. The rhythm of school here is much like atFISW. They sing the same songs, read similar books – they are even preparing for a Spectacle and a Kermesse.

Have the girls made friends at school?

Yes! They have made friends at school and learn new French games to play at recess. Everyone calls them "les nouvelles." Sasha has a friend named Tin Tin which I think is hilarious.

How is your French?

Improving. Slowly and awkwardly. I practice 10 minutes before making a 2 minute phone call.

Do the girls help you with your French?

They generally let me struggle through it – unless I start to turn red and break into hives and then they will jump in and save me.

Is the wine great?

Yes. It’s hot, so I quickly adapted to drinking Rose. I have a (new!) friend whose family owns several vineyards, so I’ve been given some good tips! :)

What are you cooking?

Mostly, whatever is at the local store. Sausages, cheese, tomatoes. wine. chocolate.

I’ve JUST started experimenting with local recipes. When we first got here, we ate a lot of pasta because it’s easy comfort food and I was still figuring out how to work the stove and where to buy food. But I just bought a local cookbook and will be trying a lot of new recipes. Last night’s Ratatouille was a hit!

How’s the weather?

Gloriously sunny. People here say it’s still “chilly” because it’s been 72 degrees. Today, the local moms had on jackets and I saw – I’m not even kidding you – three children in turtle necks. My girls and I walk around in sundresses and sandals.