A summer in Paris

A summer in Paris


Have you heard of Kid & Coe? It’s a new travel site featuring kid-friendly vacation rentals. Their website and the apartments shown so practical and oh so stylish. I’ve been looking for a Paris rental and this website has actually made the search process fun. (And they aren’t even paying me to say this!)

As with most vacation rental sites, Kid & Coe only lists the daily or weekly rate. If you’re planning a month-long stay, ask for a discount!  Check out a few of my favorites in Paris:

Kid & Coe: The Pierre Levée Residence

Kid & Coe: The Vieille du Temple Residence

Kid & Coe: The Place des Vosges Residence

Finding Summer Camps

There are countless summer camp options in Paris - the camps posted below are just a few ideas to get you thinking... You may also want to read How to Register for Summer Camps in France.

Soccer Camp International (boys only)

paris summer camps dance and theater kids

Learn French - The International School of Paris

Tennis Club de Paris- 16th Arrondissement

And just for fun…

Public Swimming Pools in Paris

NYT: Paris for Kids

3 Cabarets in Paris

French in one word. Hilarious. Not for kids.



We’re moving to London!

We’re moving to London!

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