A summer camp in Paris: Energy Academy

Energy Academy is a sports camp for kids ages 3-16.  The camp is located in Bièvres - about a 20 minute drive from La Tour Eiffel. They provide door to door transportation for families in western paris and neighbouring suburbs. Kids can specialise in soccer, tennis or golf — but they will also have the opportunity to swim, jump on trampolines, etc. This is a very active camp - it definitely lives up to its name!

Languages spoken: French and (in theory) English. The website is in both languages and certainly all languages are welcome. But Sasha said they were all French kids, except one girl (who only there one day).

What I loved: Door-to-door transportation is awesome, and in our case, made the whole experience do-able. The driver is also a camp counselor, so he knew the kids (and the kids knew him). He always called when he arrived and never let her out of the van until he saw me on the sidewalk. I also loved that they provided lunch, snacks and water for the kids.

What Sasha loved: She was never bored. They had endless games, sports and activities. She especially loved the trampolines and swimming.

Room for improvement: The website says you can specialize in 2-3 sports: soccer (football), tennis or golf. In actuality, I think it depends on how the numbers play out. Sasha really wanted to play a lot of soccer. But most of the other kids wanted to play tennis. So she played more tennis than she would’ve liked and less soccer than she’d hoped. But she still had a great time!

How to register: Online (in English or French) via their website. It's worth noting that my written communications with the school were in English, but the driver spoke only French.

Overall, thumbs up! We'd do it again!