A quick trip to Prague

No. 22 Tram, Prague

We went to Prague this weekend! I'd like to tell you all about the interesting cultural activities we experienced: the art galleries, the castles, the beer gardens… But the truth is, we mostly walked around and talked about how hot it was - 104 degrees to be exact and my iPhone said that we walked 31,000 steps per day. I felt like a wrestler trying to drop to a lighter class.

But we were in Prague on a mission - to get the girls their passports. And we succeeded! (Anyone need a good czech attorney? I know a guy.)

The girls can now live (and someday work) in any country within the EU without going through all the hassles of obtaining a visa. Most relevant to our current situation - they can live in the UK without a visa. That’s a HUGE checkmark off my list. HUGE.

A few other take aways from the weekend:

1) Grandpa Frank’s apartment

We stayed at Grandpa Frank’s apartment and fell in love (all over again) with its art deco elegance and old world charm. Now that the girls are older and less likely to smear food into furniture, we should really invest in nicer pieces of furniture and art.

2) Reena and Doctors Without Borders

We got to have lunch with my dear friend Reena, who is special to me for two reasons: 1) She was the first person I met in the Czech Republic in 1996 and 2) She is an excellent role model for my girls. She’s smart, lovely and kind. And she works for Doctors Without Borders. Her stories are amazing and I love that my girls got to hear them.

3) Wizz Air

Here’s a travel tip. Never fly the Hungarian discount airline called Wizz Air. I’d like to go on the record saying that I was not the person in charge of buying those tickets.

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