A French Guardian Angel


When enrolling your American kids into a French public school, it's a good idea to have a guardian angel - or two! This week, my favorite person in France called the local school in Puyloubier to re-confirm our arrival. And since then, I've been pulling together all the paperwork...

  • Proof of Residency - I have a letter from my proprietaire stating that I am, in fact, living in Puyloubier during these dates. It would definitely be better to have a utility bill with my name on it, but that's just not possibile given our situation - my rental property includes utilities, and even if it didn't, I wouldn't get a utility bill for at least 30 days...
  • Certificate de Scolarite et de Radiation - This is a letter from our current Head of School here at FISW. The certificate states that as of X date, the girls are no longer being educated at this school, and that we are moving to X address in Puyloubier, France.
  • Vaccination Records - I haven't been asked to provide these, yet, but i know people who have. I'm bringing them just in case. (update: I wasn't asked for the records, but I was asked to give the dates of vaccinations)

So, when we arrive into the village (jet lagged, exhausted, culture-shocked and tongue-tied), we just need to head on oever to the town hall to straighten out our paperwork. Should be a nice introduction to speaking French, no? I'm sure it will be completely straightforward. I mean, French bureaucracy is friendly and efficient, right? Right?