A Civil War Letter

Abner Holloway Sarah Rich

Abner Holloway (above left) was Hazel's paternal great grandfather. He wrote this letter to his wife Sarah Rich (above right) in February 1865, just after arriving in North Carolina. I've pulled out a few of the more legible lines...

Dear wife, I take my seat to wright a few lines to you to let you know that I am still alive but not very well. I haven’t got over being sea sick. I was on the sea four days and a half and it made me very sick. There was seven hundred on board and their was more pale faces than I ever saw before. {… unreadable…}


p class="p1">I got off the boat yesterday at noon and got on a train of cars run out to Newborn, 36 miles into camp. Don’t no how long we will stay hear. Some say all summer. We can’t get to Sherman yet, we are in two hundred miles of him, some say we will stay hear till he comes to us. ….

Credit thanks to Ron Payne for making this available on Ancestry.com.

Civil War Letter Abner Holloway to Sarah Rich