a bump in the road...

friends in provence

Sophia cried when she got home from school today. She says everyone is nice to her, but she is sad because she doesn’t have any close friends and she feels lonely.  Thing have been going so smoothly- I've been expecting this bump in the road. We talked it over and we came up with a plan.

1. First, we ate some ice cream, because that makes everything a little bit better. Then we knocked on our neighbor’s door. Their daughter, Alice, is in sophia’s class. Alice came over right-then-and-there! for a little snack (more ice cream) and a short playdate.

2. I called another mom on the phone – (who speaks no english. that's right, i called her. on the telephone.) – and arranged a playdate for tomorrow after school.

3.  Then, I emailed another mom, whose family is also new here. We’re planning a playdate for next week.

4. And finally, I called the local Judo center and found out we can enroll the girls in classes for the rest of our stay. Judo is really popular here, and I think both girls will make friends in class. And even if they don’t – I think the lessons will build confidence and give them something healthy and social to do after school.

Sophia feels better. :) I'm exhausted from all the crisis management in French. Opening a bottle of wine and a bar of chocolate.